The Best Goodgut Prebiotic Supplement for You!

There are certain things you can expect from every Goodgut product. Every Goodgut product naturally fortifies your microbiome and nourishes your gut flora. Every Goodgut product has been clinically proven at the highest standard of pharmaceutical science. Every Goodgut product uses Preliva, a proprietary-blend of polyphenol-based prebiotics. And every Goodgut product is safe for kids 2 and up.*

But each product is specially formulated to meet different needs. For example, Boost has been designed to support your immune system everyday, while Rescue features a super concentrated formula to deliver the fastest support for occasional discomfort.*

So which product is right for you?

Well, who are you?

  1. I’m a generally healthy person and I want to stay that way.
  2. I have regular gas, bloating or diarrhea, and I need some help.
  3. I travel a lot and it has a really unpredictable effect on my gut.
  4. I occasionally experience terrible gas, bloating or diarrhea, and need to get rid of it fast.
  5. I’ve noticed I feel run down and stressed out most days, and I don’t know why.
  6. I currently take probiotics to help improve my overall health.
  7. I currently take probiotics to help improve my digestive health.


Goodgut Boost is our heavy lifter when it comes to your overall health, supporting and strengthening the 70% of the immune system that resides in your digestive tract. This product is most helpful for individuals who aren’t experiencing major issues, but want to improve or maintain their overall health.*

Within the first two weeks of taking Boost, people often notice:

  • Increased energy*
  • Easier time falling asleep*
  • Less gas & bloating*
  • Decreased food sensitivity*

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Goodgut Balance is our daily supplement to help keep your gut balanced and on track. It contains a concentrated dose of our active ingredient to help manage digestive distress. Taking Balance every day helps fortify your digestive tract against bad bacteria, viruses and other toxins, and helps nourish your good digestive bacteria.*

Within the first two weeks of taking Balance, people often notice:

  • Less digestive discomfort*
  • A flatter stomach (goodbye bloating)*
  • Fewer trips to the bathroom*

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Goodgut Rescue is a must for every medicine cabinet. It is our strongest formula, designed for sudden digestive distress that needs to be dealt with fast. Rescue quickly helps manage occasional diarrhea, upset stomach, gas & bloating, so you can get back to your day. And in multiple studies, it was found to work faster than other acute support products.*

Within an hour of taking, people often report Rescue helps:

  • Manage occasional diarrhea, gas & bloating*
  • Soothe upset stomach*

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