Greenteaspoon Founder Proposes Objective Method to Measure Probiotic Benefits

goodgut Founder Presents Prebiotic Benefits of PolyphenolsIn his presentation to industry leaders at the Probiota Conference, Greenteaspoon founder Rob Wotring presented a new approach for objectively measuring the benefit of prebiotics and probiotics on the body.

Wotring explained that the composition of the mucus layer throughout the digestive tract varies by region - noting that in areas like the small intestine it’s particularly thin and vulnerable to permeability.

He said there is a sizable body of evidence pointing to a correlation between the permeability of this mucus layer and myriad conditions.

Wotring spoke of considerable supporting evidence showing prebiotics and probiotics improve the health of the mucosal lining and decrease the risk of permeability.

He told the group that, prebiotics and probiotics have lacked an objective way to measure impact.

“I’d like to invite you all to use mucosal permeability as a more objective way to measure digestive health rather than in how it changes the microbiome,” Wotring said.

“If we can affect mucosal permeability we have the potential to impact all these conditions,” he said.

Wotring also discussed a body of research demonstrating the prebiotic benefits of Polyphenols, a micronutrient found in green tea and super fruits.

Wotring, who suffered from digestive distress for decades, founded Greenteaspoon after conducting years of clinical research with plant-based polyphenol extracts.

“At Greenteaspoon, we’ve been researching and developing products like Goodgut based on the hypothesis that it’s possible to prevent the initiation of the cascade of permeability-based events leading to clinical symptoms.

See Wotrings bibliography of studies outlining the prebiotic effects of polyphenol hypothesis here.*